Personal Injury Attorney Maurizio A. Mangini

Maurizio A. Mangini has been practicing law for over 25-years representing clients who have suffered a personal injury through the wrongful act of a third party. Since his law practice emphasizes representation of victims of personal injuries in their claims and lawsuits, he does not represent insurance companies.

Mr. Mangini believes working directly with each of his clients leads to a better understanding of the injuries suffered by his clients so that a court or jury will fully understand the seriousness of the claims and the wrongful actions of those that caused the injuries. To help facilitate better communications with his clients, Mr. Mangini is fluent not only in English but also in Spanish, Italian and French languages.

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Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Slip and Fall

Motorcycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Premises Liability

Truck Accidents

Defective Drugs

Wrongful Death


Mr. Mangini has obtained several 6 and 7 figure settlements and judgments for his clients, as gross recovery before deduction of attorney fees and costs, including the ones listed below.

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Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis,
with no attorney fees or costs if there is no recovery.